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Deye 12KW Three Phase Hybrid Inverter VOC:500V Battery:48V CT & Wifi

Deye 12KW Three Phase Hybrid Inverter VOC:500V Battery:48V CT & Wifi

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Boost your energy efficiency with the Deye 12Kw Three Phase Hybrid Inverter. Experience up to 80% improved self-consumption, reducing your electricity costs. This inverter boasts a high DC/AC ratio of 1.3, making it perfect for double-sided PV modules. Enjoy user-friendly operation through its LCD touch screen and mobile app monitoring. Rest easy with reliable features like PV lighting protection and automatic switching between on-grid and off-grid modes. Embrace smart energy management with programmable schedules and compatibility with both solar panels and wind turbines. Upgrade your existing solar system with ease.

Elevate your energy utilization with the Deye 12Kw Three Phase Hybrid Inverter. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and cost savings, this inverter stands out with its remarkable features and capabilities.

Specifications and Features :

Higher Yields for Optimal Savings :

  • Up to 80% improved self-consumption ratio, reducing electricity costs.
  • DC/AC ratio up to 1.3, ideal for double-sided PV modules.
  • Two MPPT design for peak efficiency of 97.6%.

User-Friendly Efficiency :

  • Intuitive LCD touch screen and button interface for easy operation.
  • Compatible with lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
  • Web browser and mobile app monitoring for real-time insights.

Reliable Energy Security :

  • Comprehensive protections: PV lighting, Anti-islanding, Leakage current.
  • Seamless transition from on-grid to off-grid mode in just 5 milliseconds.
  • IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Zero exporting function with 200ms rapid response in zero export mode.

Smart Energy Management :

  • Programmable charging and discharging schedules for customized usage.
  • Accommodates both solar panels and wind turbines as DC input power.
  • Parallel up to 16 units for higher system power.
  • Easily retrofit existing solar systems into advanced energy storage.


All inverters and batteries must be installed by a qualified electrical wireman or Master electrician with a valid registration with the Department of Labour. A valid electrical certificate of compliance (COC) must be issued once installed, specific to the installation of the backup or solar system. The installation must be compliant with SANS 10142 and ALL its parts. Any warranty claim submitted without installation photos, a valid COC and proof of a qualified wireman/master electrician installing the unit, can be rejected and will render the warranty claim null at void.

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