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Febreze Air Mist Blossom & Breeze 300ml

Febreze Air Mist Blossom & Breeze 300ml

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Experience the refreshing scent of Febreze Air Spray Blossom & Breeze. With its advanced formula, this 300ml spray eliminates odors and fills your home with a delicate floral and ocean breeze fragrance. Enjoy a fresh and inviting atmosphere in every room with Febreze Air Spray.

Febreze Aerosol Air Freshener with Odourclear technology cleans away tough lingering odours, leaving a light fresh scent. Blossom & Breeze fragrance is inspired by the freshness of delicate soft petals. Fall in love with this graceful fragrance and create a blissful atmosphere in your home. While some other air freshners only mask odours with frangrance, Febreze truly cleans away odours, so you and your guests can breathe happy. 

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